Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Welcome to the neighborhood Book Store. Here you can find a variety of authors, publishers, distributors, and book stores brought together in one place for your convenience. Browse through the directory by category to find a mystery for your teen, some historical fiction for yourself, or a romance to enjoy on a dreary afternoon when you need to wrap up in a blanket and get warm inside and out. Or maybe you need a source for your Gospel Doctrine lesson. Look here first!

Peruse the directory, get to know our creative neighbors, and enjoy the neighborhood!








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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How To Be a Part of the Directory

ATTENTION: ARTISTS, AUTHORS, MUSICIANS and Supporting Cast (i.e. bookstores, publishers, distributors)

Announcing an exciting new marketing tool—
an affordable way to be aggressively advertised to the LDS marketplace.


WHO ARE WE? is a new online venue dedicated to providing shopping, information, and social and marketing opportunities to the LDS marketplace.

1) Every author, artist, musician, retailer, or distributor who has art, music, or books to sell that are in line with strong family values and are morally and ethically appropriate.
2) Every consumer in the English-speaking world who wants an easy place to find those types of goods and services.

HOW and WHAT? is both a website and a FREE email newsletter.

The newsletter is completely free to subscribers. It is sent via email Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of each week. Each issue contains three uplifting, practical, and sometimes humorous articles, as well as advertising spots for our neighbors. Each week the newsletter features a business; an artist, an author, or a musician; and an interview called “Personal Touch,” where we hear from an ordinary individual who is making a difference in their own neighborhood.

Just for subscribing to the e-newsletter, you are eligible for great giveaways—CDs, iPods, cruises, and a trip to China. If you share our newsletter with a friend, you are included in our monthly drawing for a $250 gift card. Our next big giveaway will take place on December 24th when we will give away 5 CDs, an iPod with a $50 gift certificate for LDS music, a 7-day cruise for 2, and a $250 American Express gift card.

The website portion ( is a virtual neighborhood where consumers can shop, merchants can advertise, and neighbors can mingle and learn from each other. The neighborhood is comprised of a main street with 14 buildings. Each building leads to a categorized block in the neighborhood, such as books, travel, weddings, missionary, clothing, and more. When you click on a building on main street, it takes you to that street which contains storefronts, billboards, and a newsstand. Each storefront is occupied by a vendor. When you click on a store, you are told briefly about that merchant’s products, and then you are taken to their special page on our site where you can learn more about their exciting company, their products and services, and find out where you can purchase the interesting specials they have to offer. And, don’t forget to walk the entire block and visit all the merchants the same way.

The blocks for books, musicians, and artists are unique because the main building for that block is owned by the membership of that group. An artist can be listed in the directory under three different categories. Of course, consumers can walk those blocks to find individual artists or distributors as well. There’s more about this below.

Last, but not least, remember the newsstand…available for social networking through links, blogs, and articles.

There are three Directory-Owned Buildings in the neighborhood. One group will own the Music Studio Building, another group will own the Bookstore Building, and the last group will be the owners of the Art Mart Building. In each case, that group as a whole owns the sponsorship building starting at the main street level as well as the sponsorship building on the block. When the sponsorship building is clicked on each of the (three) blocks—artists, musicians, or authors—that group will be promoted on the landing page as a whole. Individually, each person in the directory will be listed by name with a link to their own site for further promotion on an adjoining blog.

Here’s how it will work. You’re a country musician with a CD to market. All you have to do to be a part of the Music Studio Directory Building is give us your name, the title of the one CD that you want to be recognized for, the URL to your website or blogspot where you can sell your CD, the category (e.g., country, folk, inspirational, studio musician, sheet music, retail store, etc.) that you want to be listed under (you can list up to 3 categories), and of course, your $75 yearly membership fee. As a member of that neighborhood directory, you are also eligible for discounted advertising in other areas in the neighborhood if you want to increase your opportunities for sales.

Because your involvement with puts you smack in the middle of an aggressive advertising and marketing effort. Over the next few months, you will see our name in print, radio, television, billboards, in press releases, and more—all targeted at your desired marketplace: the LDS consumer. is spending more than $150,000 to bring consumers to to shop. This advertising campaign is unique because, wherever possible, ads will be created where the directory building—the Art Mart, the Bookstore, or the Music Studio—is being recognized to invite shoppers to come see what they have to offer. For example, “yourLDSneighborhood Music Studio invites you to visit the neighborhood where you will find…”

What if I Want to Advertise on My Own?
Other advertising opportunities are also available for individuals who want a larger presence in the site. We have special packages available upon request for those interested in owning a Storefront or a booth in the Outlet store for a month or the Streetfair for a week. Please call 1-888-792-5113, and an advertising representative will tell you about our special packages.

Join NOW, and your membership will be valid throughout all of 2008!

Call 1-888-792-5113, and tell Melane that you want to be part of your directory. Select either the Art Mart (for artists: painters, sculptors, photographers, etc.), the Bookstore (for authors of all kinds), or the Music Studio (for musicians, choir music, hymns, sheet music, etc.). Next, have your credit card ready for the $75 annual fee. As soon as you are approved, we will send you a production sheet to fill out so that we can upload your information. Then, if you have other advertising questions, Melane will have a sales representative contact you.

THANK YOU for joining the neighborhood. This will be the best $75 you’ve ever spent.

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